SS-45 Water in the World We Want - policy and planning for accelerated SDG success

Organised by: Organised by: Dr. Lisa GUPPY (

Topic: 4. Water policy and governance
Date: 2017-05-29
Time from: 15:30:00
Time to: 17:00:00
Room: Salón Coba

Achieving SDG 6 is about more than ticking off indicators. More ambitious, evidence-based and multi-sectoral policy frameworks are needed to meet water-related SDGs. However, this aim can leave decision-makers awash in a sea of complex data that are difficult to base coherent policy on. International policy making and policy implementation support is critical to progress, particularly in LMICs. Conveners propose six policy-critical components for water-related SDGs; discuss how countries can assess these components and use this assessment to plan for more effective policy implementation. Examples from Ghana and Tunisia will illustrate how innovations in policy can accelerate water-related SDG success.