SS-67 A “ts’ ono’ ot” cosmovision: Interdisciplinary science and policy in the Yucatan Peninsula’s sinkholes

Topic: A. Bridging science and policy
Date: 2017-06-02
Time from: 10:50:00
Time to: 12:20:00
Room: Cozumel 5

The Yucatan’s iconic cenotes present a challenge – and opportunity – for water governance. The sinkholes’ cultural, historical, and ecological value competes with the economic benefits of their overuse. Limited extant research joins the lack of a legal framework governing tourism and consumption. This session will use cenotes as a case study for how holistic research can inform policy. After a hydro-legal overview of the aquifer ecosystem, an interdisciplinary team will present results from speculative fieldwork considering what truly interdisciplinary research on the cenotes would look like. Participatory discussion will debate if and how researchers can produce integrated, policy-relevant water science.