SS-62 Towards SDG implementation – ensuring water quality from source to sea

Topic: 2. Water quality, wastewater and reuse
Date: 2017-06-02
Time from: 09:00:00
Time to: 10:30:00
Room: Salon Xcaret

This session will share experiences in addressing freshwater, coastal and marine water quality priorities at different scales from source to sea, and discuss water quality in the context of the SDGs. Local experiences from marine pollution in the Yucatan peninsula will set the scene for the session. Technical presentations will cover gaps and opportunities for coordinated water quality management from source to sea, and case studies related to micro-plastics. A panel will discuss needs and ways to maximize synergies in the SDGs when addressing water quality priorities. The session provides an opportunity to craft messages for the upcoming High-Level UN Conference to Support the Implementation of SDG14.