SS-64 Toward an Integrated Water Management by Sub-basin: Mainstreaming of Science and Policy

Topic: A. Bridging science and policy
Date: 2017-06-01
Time from: 17:20:00
Time to: 18:50:00
Room: Cozumel 5

Only in the basin, it is possible to establish relationships between water availability and its uses, and it is where different demands and competing uses come together for formulating management alternatives. In this context, the panel will analyze alternative methodologies for water availability estimation and water economic valuation by type and use. It will also discuss advances and challenges in the implementation of the IWRM model in Mexico. Three hydrological subregions were studied at the north, center and south of Mexico with the objective of evaluating the relevance and viability of current water management practices. This session is organized by the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) - Azcapotzalco.