SS-38 Water security issues for developing countries in changing environment

Topic: 3. Water security in a changing world
Date: 2017-06-01
Time from: 17:20:00
Time to: 18:50:00
Room: Salon Xcaret

Water scarcity, water pollution, ecosystem degradation are the major water problems in China also in the world. Water security means water supply security, water quality security, eco-water security and so on. China is the case to address all these water problem and water security related to social & economic development in the future. This section purpose is to address this issue and how science & technology and good water governance can give support for the solution of water security issue. This section would be one of special issue for water international in coming years. Several international experts most coming from China will be invited as key note presentation to address this issue on the social sciences approach to support stakeholder engagement for water policy development in China and also other developing countries in the world.