SS-25(B) Part II - Water Quality Management – identifying opportunities for policy reform

Topic: 2. Water quality, wastewater and reuse
Date: 2017-05-31
Time from: 17:20:00
Time to: 18:50:00
Room: Cozumel 2

This session is organized by the IWRA publication committee and forms part of the committees process of developing a policy brief on water quality management to be launched later in 2017. Water Quality Management is a multi-faceted issue with clear nexuses to water quantity and involves both water for human consump+D49tion, industry and agriculture. The sessions will include seven papers presenting scientific information, predominantly from the social sciences, related to a range of water quality issues. Each presenter will provide key scientific findings which they consider represent policy challenges/opportunities or where policy reform is needed. The respondents and the subsequent discussions will focus on the policy dimension. This process is intended to inform an IWRA policy Brief on Water Quality Management.