SS-30 Social Sciences approach to supporting stakeholder engagement for water policy development

Topic: A. Bridging science and policy
Date: 2017-05-31
Time from: 10:50:00
Time to: 12:20:00
Room: Cozumel 2

Water-related representations and uses contribute to constructing the human relations to water, however they are still too little taken into account or misunderstood by decision makers and other donors, rending the implementation or the sustainable continuation of development projects difficult. Human and social sciences help this intercognition and the co-construction of projects, facilitating the projects' appropriation which is a factor of success for the implementation of the SDGs, Habitat III and the Paris Climate Agreement. This session aims to highlight and bring inputs to this reflection process through different case studies from all horizons, showing the territorial, cultural and socio-economic complexities and specificities.