SS-55(B) Part II - Shared Waters of North America: Policies and issues on transboundary water resources with specific approach on transboundary waters along the US-Canada and US-Mexico borders

Topic: 4. Water policy and governance
Date: 2017-05-30
Time from: 15:30:00
Time to: 17:00:00
Room: Cozumel 2

“Shared Waters of North America” is a three-part Special Session that brings together water analysts and officials from the three countries of North America to compare approaches to binational water cooperation. First, speakers will consider scientific water resources assessment, with a particular focus on transboundary aquifers along the Canada-US and US-Mexico borders. The second segment will focus on transboundary water resources policies, including legal frameworks, mechanisms for cooperation, and water rights administration. The third and final segment will engage high-level policy makers and government officials in a discussion of their vision for future collaboration, including prospects for binational water management.