SS-46 Building a Green Infrastructure Agenda for the Latin American Water Sector

Topic: 5. Water ecosystems and physical regimes
Date: 2017-05-30
Time from: 17:20:00
Time to: 18:50:00
Room: Cozumel 5

Green infrastructure – management of the ecosystems that provide and regulate water – is an indispensable complement to conventional “gray” infrastructure in achieving water security. One of the major barriers to scale for green infrastructure, however, is the ability to quantitatively estimate its hydrological benefits. This session will bring together engineers, policymakers, and environmental experts to highlight scientific innovations to support benefit quantification to support innovative policies and advance cross-sectoral efforts to address critical gaps in data, methodologies and capacities. Organizers: Forest Trends, Associacion de Entes Reguladores de Agua y Saneamiento (ADERASA), the International Water Association (IWA), and The Nature Conservancy (TNC).