SS-27 Case Studies in the Challenges of Water Sharing Between “Upstreamers” and “Downstreamers”

Topic: 4. Water policy and governance
Date: 2017-05-30
Time from: 15:30:00
Time to: 17:00:00
Room: Salon Xcaret

There are challenges to responsible water sharing between “upstreamers” and “downstreamers” worldwide. Science must inform public policymakers; the only fair and reasonable public water policy is scientifically-based following integrated water management concepts. We explore issues in water security in general, we analyze an international case study of the Rio Grande’s waters between the United States and Mexico, we dissect an intranational case study of Pecos River and Rio Grande River waters between New Mexico and Texas, and we examine water sharing issues in the conjunctive interface of water, agriculture, and energy from a local perspective.