SS-10 Smart Water Management (SWM): Bridge to WGG & SDGs - the technological innovation needed for “Water for all”

Topic: 6. Water and sustainable growth
Date: 2017-05-30
Time from: 09:00:00
Time to: 10:30:00
Room: Salón Coba

As global water challenges increase, the necessity for more systematic and innovative water management approaches now stands out as a critical global issue. SWM is a combination of existing water management practices with ICT technologies applied to the entire water cycle. SWM, which is a new instrument that integrates information and communication technology in all processes of water management, from source to tap, that can provide technological solutions. The objective of this session is to share potential and best practices of SWM as a new technological approach to achieve Green Growth and SDGs by promoting discussion on institutional innovation as an enabling condition.