SS-63 (B) Part II - The National Water Reserves Program in Mexico: Allocation of water for the environment and accomplishment of multiple Sustainable Development Goals

Topic: 3. Water security in a changing world
Date: 2017-05-29
Time from: 17:20:00
Time to: 18:50:00
Room: Salon Xcaret

The aim of the Program is to establish a system of water reserves focused on preserving the environment and ecosystems, giving support to all activities that are developed in them and strengthening the integrated management of water resources in 331 hydrological basins identified in Mexican territory. This Session presents the conception and implementation of the Program, showing its development as dynamic process involving the joint work of a large number of institutions, researchers and society. The results obtained have allowed it to acquire international recognition for being an innovative instrument to integrate the social assessment of water in the environment.